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    The Doors - Unknown Soldier


    par PupilleViolette

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    The Unknown Soldier

    Wait until the war is over
    and we're both a little older.
    The unknown soldier
    practice where the news is read_
    television children dead_
    unborn, living,
    living dead,
    bullet strikes the helmet's head.
    And__it's all over
    For the__unknown soldier,__
    it's all over for the
    unknown soldier___uh uh ________

    chante over military drum
    "Company halt!"
    "Present Arms"
    (Military Drum Roll) (Gun Shot)

    Make a grave for the unknown soldier
    nestled in your hollow shoulder.
    The unknown soldier -
    practice as the news is read
    television children dead
    bullets strikes the helmet's head.

    it's all over
    the war is over
    it's all over
    the war is over__