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    Remarkable Coyote Rescue Caught on Camera

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A coyote in Singer Island, Florida required the rescue efforts of humans after getting stuck under a dock.

    All animals, even the most adept, wild ones can easily get into tough predicaments. Case in point – a coyote in Singer Island, Florida that required the rescue efforts of humans.

    The bizarre ordeal started after a local resident chased the male coyote off his land. The animal did in fact run off, but he ended up in the wrong spot and landed in the Intracoastal Waterway. The coyote was left stranded there.

    Fortunately a witness spotted the animal and contacted Animal Care and Control. The person who saw the coyote mistook it for a dog, but as soon as an animal authority arrived on scene, they realized the distressed creature wasn’t a canine, but instead a coyote.

    David Hitzig from the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary led the rescue. He immediately noticed the coyote was holding himself up on a beam under a dock because of the high tide.

    The animal’s nose was dipping into the sea with each wave that came up. Hitzig got into the water, fired his tranquilizer dart and used a net to bring the animal up on the dock to safety.

    Aside from the trauma, the coyote was physically fine. He was released on property in the West.