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    forgivenes in Islam

    Subhan Allah

    by Subhan Allah

    Fasting is a protection.This offering breakfast to a fasting one will have the same reward as him .Hadiths This fasting Ramadan following it by 6 days of shawwal is like this fasting the whole year . When the 10 final days of Ramadan came , the prophet used to tighten his trousers & worked harder & gave more chaity than any other days .Hadiths
    He (PUH) was midheight but when walking with the tall became as tall as them, he predicted that muslims would ship in sea and that a friend of his would die non muslim and this all happened as he committed suicide,during a drought he raised his hands 2 sky and before lowering it rain fell heavily 4 week till muslims asked him 2 ask allah 2 stop it and he raised his hand and it stopped, he asked allah that one of his friends wouldnot grow old and this happened as he never had a white hair,he cured the ill people,he was poor and refused micca masters proposal to leave islam and they would make him their master, he said if u put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand,i will never stop spreading islam.
    Acts are judged by intentions & fins & one will be on judgment day on the case on which he died . A man may continue to do bad deeds then ends with a good deed so be in heaven & vise versa so to say No god but allah before death u must be faithful to Allah not seeking world benefits or praise , U can know how Allah loves u by seeing how u obey allah, if u fear allah & avoid sins then allah loves u & vise versa.Life is believer prison & Disbeliever paradise.Hadiths The Prophet (PUH) said : If u didnot commit sins, allah would end u & bring other people who would commit sins & seek Allah forgiveness so he forgives them . I sometimes feel annoyed in my heart so i seek Allah forgiveness 70-100 times daily. hadith says : allah stretches his hand at night so that day wrong doer repents & vice versa on day.Allah gets down to the lower sky final third at night asking if there was someone in need or a rpenetent to respond to him.Live as a stranger or a passer by.hadiths