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    Yare Dabestani


    by KZ

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    On 18 Tir, the Iranian prodemocracy students rose up against the Mullah's regime and they were brutally suppressed, injusred and killed by a combination of security forces and Bassij vigilante teams acting on government's behalf in civilian clothes. The attacked the student dorms and arrested thousands over the next few days. Ahmad Batebi a medical student became the symbol of this uprising, because he simply raised the bloody T Shirt of his roomate in the air to show the journalist what has happened. He has been in jail for the past several years. The song Yare-e Dabestani (in English: "My Schoolmate" became the national anthem of all students who rose up against the regime across Iran. In later years, Ahmadinejad hijacked this music and replaced the words with pro-regime chants during his campaign for so called election.

    Singer: Jamshid Jam who now lives in Sweden
    Producer: Mehdi Farahani