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    Nowruz holiday honored with UN ceremony


    by PressTV

    In 2010, a UN Resolution was passed honoring the traditional Iranian New Years holiday called Nowruz. Since then, the International Day of Nowruz has been celebrated at the United Nations.
    Monday, the Iranian Mission to the United Nations sponsored an event commemorating the holiday, along with 11 other countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan. Hossien Gharibi, Councilor of the Iranian Mission to the United Nations, opened the event speaking about the importance of Nowruz, and the UN resolution honoring it. Statements about the holiday and its importance were given by representatives of many countries. Hossien Dehghani, the Islamic Republic of Iran's UN ambassador, spoke of how the holiday brings people together across the world, and symbolizes a new beginning. Hundreds of UN officials, diplomats, honored guests, and others attended the Nowruz celebration. As the event ended, bags of food traditionally eaten on the holiday were distributed to the guests.