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    Usa. Sale ancora bilancio vittime frana vicino a Seattle

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    Rescue workers have resumed their search among the rubble in the wake of the mudslide which struck Washington state in the US at the weekend.

    As many as 108 have been listed as missing as a result of the carnage in which 14 are people are confirmed dead.

    The landslide was triggered after a rain-soaked hillside collapsed swamping dozens of homes in an area of about 90 kilometres northeast of Seattle. It’s unclear how many of the houses in its path were occupied.

    “Part of the challenges we face is whether or not the homes were occupied full-time – vacation homes, but what we do know is that Saturday and it was probably a higher number than you would see during a weekday,” John Pennington, Director of Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management told reporters.

    Rescue workers had been forced to abandon their search on Sunday because of treacherous quicksand. Some had to be dragged to safety.

    Mud, boulders and rubble were piled five metres high in some areas due to the force of the mudslide.

    Authorities are hoping many of those reported to be missing will turn up safe and well.