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    Socceroo2you Stand and Deliver

    Bringing together my passions for music and the Socceroo’s I wanted to write a theme for their 2014 World Cup campaign. The main track definitely sums up that ‘stand proud Aussie patriotism’ The song features Robyn Payne, Dan Hall and myself JCDelaney.

    Track 1.
    ”Socceroo2you” is dedicated to the Qantas Australian Socceroos and the challenges they face in the 2014 world cup held in Rio de janeiro. The song has a very inspirational anthemic Powerful driving stadium rock style with evolving, epic guitar riffs, synths, strings & pulses easing in to a Rio/Latin style drum beat then building up to the final chorus.

    Track 2.(remix dub/dance)
    Dub-dance remix version will blow your socks off and you might wanna drink plenty of water whilst working out to that one.

    Track 3. 
    Acoustic version…Nice! (Dan Hall)

    Track 4. Instrumental version.

    These tracks feature a solid cast of seriously awesome musicians who were an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanx guys!!!

    So! If you can get a chance to listen then... Let your rock out and join us on the World stage.

    I thank you for your time and Look forward to hearing from you
    James Delaney