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    Silent Treatment (Digital Edition) by Jon Allen - Mentalism Magic Trick - Demo 2

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    When it was first released, The Silent Treatment created a huge impact and thousands of magicians started performing this unique and iconic routine.

    Now comes the brilliant update that enables you to do so much more with it: The Silent Treatment - Digital Edition

    - Create unique routines on your Ipad or other tablet
    - Write your routine in any language
    - Add photos and video
    - Personalise your routine for any performance
    - State-of-the-art presentation
    - Add or remove slides at any time
    - Store several routines on one device
    - Database of foreign language slides and photos
    - Lifetime guarantee

    The Routine: Without saying a word, you bring out your tablet showing a set of slides. Each slide has something written on it which you show instead of talking. Someone is asked to think of a card. After some entertaining but silent by-play, you reveal why you haven't said a word for the entire time...

    Employing a rarely used premise in magic, The Silent Treatment - Digital Edition is an extraordinary routine that will intrigue and draw your audience in from the very first moment, then blow their minds with one of the most surprising and stunning revelations in all of magic...

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