Scott Storch Feat NOX-You ain't Built li

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by BapeMan

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[Scott Storch]What you thought, I was just gonna sit back and let shit ride?
Timothy... shit ain't sweet, you can't talk shit about a boss
Keep my name out ya mouth
Scott Storch... pussy
I'm the piano man (yes), the piano man
Few hun'ed million and I'm headed for a billion
You's a steroid man, so pathetic man
I coulda played you but I tried to be the better manYa boy Danja gotta hate you with a passion, man
He makes the hits while you takin' all the credit, damn (damn)
I know the feelin' I'm witcha
Won't you tell 'em how I made that shit "Cry Me A River"?
But you try to lose weight, try to gain some respect
Still ain't lose that pack of franks out the back of ya neck (haha!)
What's funny, my dude, is I just signed Maganoo
For ten bucks and he told me he was mad at you
I ain't no pussy, dawg, I'm gettin' at you
Why you bitchin'? Who beatjacked who?
Jimmy fronted you Nelly to get his money back
Cuz everything you sign to Beat Club is fuckin' wack
[Chorus - Nox]
You ain't gangsta, don't push me
You ain't got a pass in the hood to talk shit like that
You ain't a killa, you's a producer
Better keep his name out ya mouth
You ain't built like dat
(Keep my name out ya mouth)
(Keep my name out ya mouth)
(Keep my name out ya mouth)
You ain't built like dat
(Keep my name out ya mouth)
(Keep my name out ya mouth)
(Keep my name out ya mouth)
You ain't built like dat
I'm about a minute and a half from hurtin' ya whole staff
By the way, I heard you like to get it up ya ass
And I know who doin' the fuckin', but I ain't sayin' nothin'
What goes around can't come back around when I'm bussin'
Five hun'ed a track, where ya Bugatti at?
Homie you ain't built like dat, so lean back
And Danjahandz made 'em for you, I give him dat
But I gotta give you this, for talkin' like a bitch
My nigga had Grammys before y'all settle with that whip
Couple days later he got rid of that piece of shit
I give a fuck if you rich


^^ Haha superbe, merci!
By rmigia 4 years ago
scott est l'un des arrangeurs musicaux les plus talentueux de sa generation (je rapelle au novice par exemple que l'instru de still dre,candy shop,make it rain.. qu'on connait on la lui doit )
mais voila comme rappeur pitie qu'il nous epargne ca quoi mais dans le beef comme rappeur timbaland l'emporte comme producteur les deux sont de pur genie mais je preferai scott parce que lui au moins n'a rien vole aux indiens pas comme timbaland
sinon shabb97one swizz beatz aussi c de la bete!!
By LORDBRADLEY 6 years ago
vas te TORCHER le cul avec ton flow de merde....
j'aime bien scott storch mais voilà ..
By moreira da silva 6 years ago
Bon scott c'est pas un rapper mais pas mal quand même c'est courageux de sa part et c'est pas si catastrophique et le beat déchire trop doux ...
By Ahmadou Sidibé 6 years ago
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