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Fiqh of first

4 years ago34 views


The prophet (PUH):
The repentant is like the one who has no guilt.
Allah stretches his hand at night so that Day guilty repents & stretches his hand on Day so that Night guilty repents.
Allah gets down to the lowest sky at the final third of night asking: Is there one in need or a repentant so that I give him what he wants.
Allah gets happy with your repentence more than a man who lost his camel in desert with everything on it then found it suddenly.
Non Muslims (Who donot harm Muslims):
The prophet (PUH) said:
Care about The Copts of Egypt as there is a relation between me & them ( Marya the Coptic-his wife).
If you entered Egypt for Islam, Take many soldiers from it as its soldiers are the best on earth as Egypt soldiers & People are ready for battles till judgment day
I will be an opponent to the opponent to a Zemmi (non Muslim ) on judgment day.

Life Nature:

The prophet (PUH) said:
This world is the believer prison & the disbeliever heaven.
The Richest in the world & he is a hell inhabitant will be dipped in hell a dip & asked if he found a pleasure before, he would say ; No.
The Poorest in the world & he is a heaven inhabitant will be dipped in heaven a dip & asked if he found a misfortune before , he would say no.
Never despise a good act (Marouf) even a smile to your brother.
Every marouf is a charity: remeberance, Prayers on the prophet,helping other, Guiding to the Good & to Allah & being on bed with wife is a charity!!

Simple acts with great Rewards:

The Prophet (PUH) said:
This saying Subhan Allah & Thanks to Allah 100 times will have his sins deleted even if they were like sea foam.
This saying astaghfirullah & I repent to him 3 times will have his sin deleted even if he escaped a battle ( a major sin)
No Major sin with istighfar & No Minor sin with insisting.
This reading the final three Ayahs of Surat al Hashr or Sayyed Al istighfar them dies will be in heaven.
No power but by Allah is a heaven treasure.
Best remembrance is no god but Allah so say it to succeed.
This sending a prayer on me will have 10 sent on him by Allah & angels.
Saying Subhan Allah,thanks to Allah, No god but Allah &Allah Akbar is like by me more than anything on which the sun rises.
The Most liked acts by Allah is Praying on time then Treating parents well then Jihad for Allah.
3 People Allah will not talk to on judgement day :a zani old man , an arrogant poor & a liar prince (see 3 impossible things what will make the poor be arrogant or an old man to do zina with women?
Heaven is allah means to mercy & Hell is Allah torture.

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Fiqh of first
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