Fitna of Wealth in islam

Subhan Allah
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How to be intelligent in life:

The prophet (PUH) said :
live as a stranger or a passer by.
This World doesnot equal in allah sight a Mosquito wing & if it equaled , Allah wouldnot have gave the disbeliever a sip of water.
Make use of your youth before old age , of Your health before illness, of your life before Death & of your spare time before being busy.
This loving anyone will be with him on judgment day & Man is according to his companions.
Equality :
The prophet (PUH)said:
All people are equal like comb teeth .No superiority of a White over a black or of a Black over a white or of an Arab over a Non Arab except by Allah Fear.

Mosque visitors are Allah visitors & neighbours.

Supplication is the believer weapon & Allah gets angry with those not asking him & best times of response:when rain falls ,armies meet in battles, at the final third of night & in the time between prayer & call to prayer & before ending the prayers.

Examples of the prophet (PUH)Tolerance:
In Macca conquest , the prophet (PUH) said:
What do you think I will do with you?
Macca Quraish said: a honorable brother & a son of a honorable.
He (PUH) said , though they made him leave Macca to Madina : You are free.
Once a man came with a sword to kill the prophet (PUH) asking him who can protect you from me?
The prophet (PUH) said Allah .Then the sword fell from the man hands & the prophet (PUH) held it asking him the same Question.The man asked for forgiveness & the prophet(PUH) set him free.
When the prophet (PUH) migrated to Madina with Abu bakr , he put sand on the heads of the disbelievers waiting for him outside to kill him but Allah blinded them But a Man followed him but the camel legs stuck in sand & the prophet (PUH) set him free so he could harm the man.

When muslims hit a drunk muslim but the prophet (PUH) orderd them to leave him as he believs in Allah & his messenger & when a Man came to tell the prophet (PUH0 he wants to do zina with women .The prophet gently asked him if he agreed that men do zina with his mother or sisters so the man replied by No .so the prophet (PUH) said: people also donot agree that you do zina with their women.

Major sins:
No major sin with istighfar & no minor with insisting on it.
Polytheism,Zina with women,calling parents names, not contacting relatives,killing without right, Harming by magic,Wine Addicting,arrogance,escape from battles,Slandering & not feeling Jealous over one women)