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    Lajjavathiye:1983: Full Length Malayalam Movie

    Biscoot Malayalam

    by Biscoot Malayalam

    The story is about four engineering students (Arun, Arjun, Bharath and Padmakumar) who take it as their duty to fight against injustice in their own peculiar way. They believe they have to react to any social prejudices that they come across.. be it corruption, wife bashing or the like. They launch a website inviting the public to mail them their grievances and problems. They shortlist the persons against whom the people has maximum complaints, find their whereabouts and punish them. The group known as '4 the people' soon become the talk of the town. They get public support and soon become idols of the youth. The government apprehensive by their popularity tries to curb their growth and entrusts the task of booking them to the New City Police Commissioner (Narain). Narain a smart officer goes ahead and nabs them