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We dont Gang Bang, so Keep the Byrds, We need the prepaid Visa, Dollar Bills Carry Bacteria, Keep me the hand Sanitizer, Thats quiet Donald Trump of Me, Put up a Pharaoh Condo, that make King TUt, TUck his Chain, No Chain Gang, No Chain on Ya Baby mamma, he think he remote control Pimpin, Im Vocal Pimping, in front of you, You Sneak Dissing, I never throw Up a Diamond, all my meals is married to me, because my teeth are diamonds, Im chewing glass like rednecks chew tobacco, No mo Lawnmowing, so I Guess They die, I got Family Ties, oh cam a lil Panama, and Domingo, thats the masculine Saint, I keep it So me, that I got other dudes talking bout they G, thats like Tupac sayin Makaveli is spelled correctly, WHAT, LET ME KNOW, not WHat they do, ITs who they did it TOO, Im NOT on THE WIRE or A LIve WIRE, I got the cable cutters, back to the AJC, BUt I aint living on a farm, Im trying to Hit the ALarm X^ X it, Oh gosh hes not Little or Malcom, where the Stuarts, I got cheese w/o the T RAP, 6
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 6 ans