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    Luv-n Shuv-n - Official Music Video ~Scarlett Gypsy - Glam Hair Metal Hard Rock Band

    Scarlett Gypsy Band

    by Scarlett Gypsy Band

    For all of you who will get a little Luv-n & booty Shuv'n tonight... this song's for you (Hell Yeah)! It's about getting laid, making love or just hooking-up with someone that you have been lusting for. The song has a sexy groove along with the live performance of the video which drives home a thumping rock concert feeling for needing it, wanting it, and having some Luv'n - Shuv'n tonight.

    Scarlett Gypsy is an American Rock Band originating from York, Pennsylvania with David Mathew on Lead Vocals, Steve Plonk on Guitar & Vocals, Robert Douglas on Bass and Scotty Scarlett on Drums & Vocals. Together these four combined create a great new refreshing sound of old school rock complete with blazing guitar riffs, melodic vocals and infectious hooks. Scarlett Gypsy’s debut album All Access is available now for purchase and download on Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby and Bandcamp.

    Make sure to visit the Scarlett Gypsy social media sites for more photo’s and their latest news and updates.