understanding Islam-2

Subhan Allah

by Subhan Allah

-surat al falak and surat alnas r the best ways to seek allah protection from any fear. say allah complete the blessing ,the health and the cover i am in this morning( this evening). When u fear someone or in disaster say :alla s my god i am not a polytheist of anything else.i seek your protection from the evil of this person who s the son of (his name) and the evil of humans and jhin. no god but allah the great ,the high,no god but allah,the patient and generous,no god but allah the god of the 7 skies and the god of the generous throne.allah i am the son of your slave , the son of your ammah,my forehead in your hand , your rule will happen 2 me and your judge 2 me s just,i ask u with all the names u named yourself or lowered inyour book or taught 2 one of your creatures 2 make the almighty koran the spring (rabea) of my heart,the light of my chest, the deletin of my cares and the vanishing of my sadness. sayyed elesteghfar ( master of seeking allah expitation) : allah ,u r my god, u created me and I am your slave and I try 2 keep your promise as I could, I confess your blessings on me and I confess my sins,so expit my sins as u only spit sins (saying this guarantee paradise if u died)and so does reading the final 3 verses of surat al hashr after seeking allah refuge from devil(3 times). allah, i deposit with u what i read and memorized so give it back 2 me when i need it as u can do anything, allah i seek from u the understanding of prophets and the memorizing of the sent angels ( this s 2 be said when studying). When entering home say in the name of allah we entered and got out and on our god we depended .when entering mosque say allah give salutations 2 Mohammed, allah open 2 me the doors of your mercy. When going out of the mosque say allah open2 me the doors of your favour .when looking at the mirror say allah improve my morals as u improved my creation , allah forbid the hell from my face. Saying hasbin allah , no god but allah , on him I depended and he s the god of the great throne (7 times) makes allah get rid u of your cares. Saying in the name of allah when entering the bathroom blinds the devils. U should say thanks2allah who made me get rid of harm after going out of bathroom. when u bid someone farewell say we intrust allah with your religion and the conclusion of your deeds. When hearing a cock ask allah favour as it sees angels but when hearing a donkey or dog seek allah protection from devil, when it rains,say allah,make it useful rain,but after rain stops,say we got this rain thanks 2 allah. the supplication when u wear your clothes or marry a woman or buy a car or feel wind: allah,i ask u for its good and seek your protection from its evil .Hadiths