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    Subpoena Standoff: Sen Leahy on Countdow


    by apfnorg

    The Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday authorized the issuance of subpoenas in the event they don't get the answers they're demanding from the White House. Chairman Leahy appeared on Countdown tonight to talk about the upcoming hearings and outlined exactly what he's aiming for.
    "The reason I want to do it under oath..remember in the Valerie Plame thing, nobody had anything to do with this. Noboby outed her name. Nobody said she was a CIA operative, nobody at the White House did, until some of these people were under oath and then we find out, gosh, they did. It's amazing how that focuses ones attention."
    Do Leahy and Schumer have a couple of aces up their sleeves? They're being very coy about these "disgruntled" DoJ employees that may be willing to speak out. Empty threat or secret weapon? Can't wait to see how that plays out.
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