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    Tom DeLay: Blinded by ambition - MSNBC


    by blackwednesday

    Aired: 03-22-07
    Tom DeLay does his best to avoid "truth" at any cost. DeLay on MSNBC's Hardball hawking a book, decided to take exception with Chris Matthew's choice of quote from HIS book. DeLay "corrects" Matthews about the wording of a simple sentence from DeLay's book. Matthews then hands DeLay's book across the table, to DeLay, the book's author...and DeLay mentions that he doesn't have his glasses.

    What this video really is: A showcase of a man who cannot accept the truth or facts in any form. No matter how small. No matter how insignificant.
    DeLay, in his own little world, can't lose an argument. Even if he's blatantly wrong. Even if the proof is placed before him. Even if it's about the wording of a line from his own book.

    I dunno. Let me know if you find this as oddly amusing as I do.