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    The Rock Interview - Unshaven Look

    Kaz Da Gr8 1

    by Kaz Da Gr8 1

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    selim yahbi
    yeah halfcrazie20 u r right
    its a matter of opinion
    scsa and the rock are great entertainers.the rock got his funny interviews and quotes and austin got the ability to make thcrowd go nuts every time his music hits or he gives a stunner 2 anyone
    By selim yahbi8 years ago
    that's your opinion, 420. Not everyone will agree with that. I like them both but personally I think Rock is better. Never mind the wrestling skills, it was called sports entertainment for a reason. Thats what it was all about. BTW, Rocky looks hot here. :)
    By Yuugi8 years ago
    kyle peter lynch
    no the rocks the best there ever was!! scsa is still wicked thoo!
    By kyle peter lynch9 years ago
    stone cold is the greatest ever! Rock is 2nd
    By 420cman9 years ago
    By EviLWiTNeSs9 years ago