TAT'S 2 MIN NEWS Cop Shoots and Kills Family’s Dog, “Did you see her collar fly off

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I really hate posting stuff like this but it needs to get out. I'm getting where I hate cops...They are becoming American Nazi's. They are are wannabe soldiers who are too chicken to sign up and go to a real war zone. They want plenty of back up and unarmed citizens to wage war upon. Did you know that the tests to become a police officer is designed to hire the ones who test in the 60 - 70 percent range? Your local cops where "D" students in school. It has also been proven that the majority of officers where "bullies" back in the day. This is what a coward in uniform has done. And of course he has gotten away with it. This is happening all over the country. If you are one of the good cops then it is time you speak up and quit sitting silently as your fellow officers run our local streets like Nazi Germany!
By Preebo22 years ago