My Alien

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An animation of an alien girl walking that I made just for fun.


Great job... your uploading made me really happy, and it looks like I'm not the only one!

By Jifunza 8 years ago
Thank you heihei, for all your hard work. I enjoyed all the videos.
By Freebie12 8 years ago
Elisabeth, thank you so much for all of the work you did. I have been a Trekkie since the age of five, and hated the idea of Enterprise until I got the chance to watch it, thanks to you.

I have now seen every episode, thanks solely to the effort you put in. I was also able to catch up on the beginning of Voyager, which I had never had the chance to see, and was able to rewatch DS9, possibly the greatest of the series.

We will all miss the content that you spent so much of your time to upload, but know that you have made many, many friends as a result.

Thank you so much,

By Edward J. Gately IV 8 years ago
Youtube was great then went to shit, now its' Daily Motions turn. They are constantly removing all the best content and members, D.M. can burn in digital hell for all eternity. Thanks heihei for your vids.
By buffalodave 8 years ago
bye, bye alien! so thats is it.
the DoMinion wiped out all forms of the Federation. What a sad social commentary on the dream utopian ecomonic politics.
By bluecadillac 8 years ago
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