Diet Plan Testimonials Round 3: Alternate-Day Fasting


by askmen

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Week 3 On An Alternate-Day Fasting Diet

During the third week, there was a real split among the alternate-day fasting dieters, with the men finding it easy to maintain while the women starting to find it grating.

"It wasn't different, just more of the same. This week, I felt like if I've done it for this long, then I can go longer," says Raph Boettger, a video content manager who planned to continue his alternate day fast diet beyond the end of the AskMen diet challenge. "It's like a fantasy diet -- you fantasize what you're going to eat the next day."

The female dieters lost less weight than the men, which is consistent with research that has found that this diet is more effective for men, and struggled more with cravings, concentration and mood swings.

For the guys, though?

"I would definitely recommend it," Raph says, "especially to people who have lots of willpower. Delaying gratification is such a big part of it -- thinking about what you're going to eat the next day is what gets you through it."