Branch Warren: Shoulders - Part One

Eat My Ass
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oh putain le vaste interne des cuisses :O, doit déchirer son short quand il fait les quadri lui ;)
By Alex 4 years ago
@ultimatepresser you do realize that their bodybuilders not powerlifters
By bonexxx5 5 years ago
That is not a sitting down military press. He is not even sitting down. Also, he is bouncing and jerking the weight up. I can do that in my sleep. Not impressed at all. The other big goof could not even press 225 how wimpy is that. I only weigh 195 lbs and military 405.
By ultimatepresser 5 years ago
Brench y mets un bonnet avec un tee-shirt sans manche ! ^^
By FUSCO33 5 years ago
bad form bollocks,if you knew about training you would know that you adjust for your own needs not what the text book says,yes i am a personal trainer and i hold a masters in sports science so i do know what i am talking about.
using text book form tell me are your delts even 10% size shape symetrical dense and as strong i think not,so hush your lip 20inch
By xycobulldog 6 years ago
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