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    UK parties to attract Muslim votes


    by PressTV

    Over 50 percent of Muslims did not vote in the 2010 UK general election, a study says.

    Ipsos MORI research organization said the last British general election saw a voter turnout of 65.1%. Muslims constitute around 4.8% of the general population in the country.

    However, Muslim organizations such as the Muslim Council of Britain have highlighted the sense of alienation from British politics among a large number of Muslims.

    Political parties seem to have failed to engage with their Muslim constituents on the pressing issue of xenophobia and right-wing extremism.

    A recent anti-Muslim Facebook comment by a Conservative Party councilor comparing Muslim women wearing burqas to black bin bags is a sign of the upsurge of Islamophobia in mainstream politics.

    The Muslim vote is increasingly becoming an important issue in British politics amid growing right-wing rhetoric by the mainstream parties.

    The upcoming general election in 2015 will be a test for the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties to woo Muslim voters as they vie for votes in a tight race.