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In a ceremony Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a treaty to incorporate Crimea into the Russian Federation. The west calls it clear violation of international law. But Putin defended the Russian view of the Crimean Peninsula as a historical part of its territory. So far diplomatic protests and sanctions imposed by the EU and the US have failed to impress the Kremlin.
Although Putin insists he has no plans to seize more of Ukraine, other former Soviet Republics have expressed concern over Russia's territorial ambitions. Europe and the US have sharply condemned the move, but are hoping to avoid a military escalation.

Can economic sanctions force Moscow to the negotiating table? Is the annexation of Crimea the start of a new Russian expansion? How far will Europe and the US go to show Putin where the boundaries are?

Tell us what you think: Russia – Back to Empire?


More informations: http://www.dw.de/program/quadriga/s-7296-9798

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