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    Uh oh! This doesn't look good!! It looks like the reviews are in for Divergent and Shailene Woodley's franchise is not getting positive ratings! Then again, bad reviews didn't stop the first Twilight movie from commanding the box office!! Even with the bad reviews rolling in, the film is slated to earn at least $55-$60 million in its opening weekend! So, whether the critics blast the film or not, Divergent is expected to be fine, at least financially speaking. Plus, the fanbase for the book series by Veronica Roth is huge, and usually those fans will never miss the chance to see their favorite book turned into a movie!
    Romantic drama The Age of Adaline has rounded out its cast with Kathy Baker and Amanda Crew. The film, starring Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, Ellen Burstyn and Michiel Huisman, will begin shooting in March. The story follows the miraculous life of 29-year old Adaline, who stops aging after recovering from a near-fatal accident. She embarks on an worldwide journey keeping her secret until she meets a man who forever alters her life. Lee Toland Krieger is directing from a script by J. Mills Goodloe and Salvador Paskowitz, with revisions by Allison Burnett.
    China is repositioning itself in the global film industry, starting with more Hollywood collaborations. In the last two weeks, seven major deals have been made between U.S. and Chinese entertainment companies. According to the Motion Picture Association of America, last year, China surpassed Japan to become the second-largest film market after America, accounting for $2.7 billion in box office sales in 2012. Though China considers itself the source of East Asian culture, Korean pop culture and Japanese animations have a longstanding popularity in America.
    Darren Aronofsky 's Noah has landed in its first international market to strong results. The biblical epic debuted Thursday to $1.1 million from 750 screens in South Korea -- the top opening-day gross of 2014.The turnout bodes well for the big-budget film, which hopes to play both as a mainstream event movie and as an offering for faith-based audiences.