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    Women wearing bikinis steal Christmas lights in South Johnstone, Australia

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    Four women wearing bikinis stole Christmas lights from homes in South Johnstone, a tiny town in the Australian state of Queensland, during an overnight raid.

    Reports said the gals hit two homes in the town of just under 500 people, located south about six miles southwest of Innisfail. This doesn't make that much sense, however, as the same reports also indicated that both victimized houses were on Goroka Close, which is a road that's actually in Wangan, the next tiny town over. But we're just basing this on what we can see on Google Maps, and even then, these places are really just wide spots on the road that the Google Car has barely grazed.

    In any case, it was about 1 a.m. when these ladies hit these houses. Whilst they were bumbling along, liberating lights, they set off some dogs. A neighbor woke up and saw the gals in his neighbor's front yard, then yelled at them.

    The scantily-clad thieves took off into the night, running across a football oval, booty in tow. They made off with 30 solar lamps, including three candy canes, it was noted.

    The neighbor, the only eyewitness to the crime, proved not very helpful in helping the police identify the women--all he could remember about the young thieves was their skimpy attire, or so he said. (Remember, this is a town of 500 people, so they should be able to work this, if only by eliminating all the persons too old, too male or too young to fill out a two-piece.)

    The investigation continues.


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