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    Escaped Kentucky prisoner turns himself in because of cold

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    Robert Vick escaped from Blackburn minimum security correctional complex in Kentucky on Sunday night, and gave himself up on Monday. He was on the lamb for about 16 hours. Before you start thinking something like, "At least he gave it a shot!" lets review the conditions of his imprisonment. Blackburn is a minimum security prison, where they have horses and stuff, and Vick was up for parole in TWO MONTHS! What brilliant escape plan did he hatch that was just too good to pass up? Well, he started by opening the door. Then he ran away. Escape complete! That's really what you call minimum security!

    Also, did you know it's been cold out lately? Kentucky's recorded its lowest temperatures since prohibition this week, and Vick neglected his mother's advice and went outside without a coat and mittens. While hunting for shelter, he happened upon the Sunset Motel, which was probably mostly vacant and all warm and toasty inside. So he went straight into the abandoned shack out back. The one with no door or window glass or any of that fancy stuff. To avoid drawing attention to himself he didn't make a fire or anything like that, so by morning he was pretty much completely frozen.

    Maurice King, manager of the Sunset Motel wasn't particularly surprised to find Vick knocking at his door around 4pm Monday, and also didn't question his combination stolen jeans and prison jumper ensemble. However, even a nonjudgmental man such as King thought it strange when Vick asked to have to cops sent to pick him up. The police didn't believe King, so Vick had to get on the phone and confirm, yes, indeed he did want to go back to jail. But this time he doesn't get to go to horse-petting jail. He'll probably have to go to hard-petting jail. Ouch.


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