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    Young Jeezy arrested for bullying son Jadarius

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    Atlanta gangsta rapper Young Jeezy caught another case, but this time it's from his son Jadarius. He says his father bullied him back in September of 2012. Apparently the Atlanta Police agreed, and slapped the rapper with an assortment of charges including false imprisonment, battery, and making terroristic threats

    The ATL rap star allegedly got into an altercation with his offspring over some words exchanged. Jeezy was so heated, he punched his son through a glass shower enclosure (WTH were they doing in the BATHROOM anyway?!) where the teen hit his head.

    Then Jeezy dragged him into a bedroom, threw him on a bed, and dogwalked him with punches to his body. When he tried to escape, a bodyguard (not 2 Chains) blocked him from running, and Papa Jeezy then grabbed his son by the throat

    According to sources, the boy's mother, Tenisha Dykes is the reason why this case exists in the first place. She says that Jeezy threatened to "put a bullet in him if he could get away with it." Jeezy says it was more like , "I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it," which I can assure you is a threat ALL black parents have made to their kids when they've been acting up--trust me.

    Whatever the case, the rap superstar had more than enough cheese to bond out of the Fulton County Jail to the tune of $45,000.

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