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    Family Finds Rare Red and Green Apple

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    A very rare apple has been found in Kingston, Australia.

    A very rare apple has been found in Kingston, Australia. The skin of the fruit showcases two traditional colors, but what sets it far apart from the rest is that the apple is flawlessly divided. Half is red and the other half is green.

    Mel Staples is in possession of the unique apple. Her 8-year-old son is responsible for picking it up after his mother asked him to pluck apples off a tree located on their property.

    Said Mel ‘I picked up one and it was a like a granny smith apple and a red delicious apple had both been cut in half and then joined together. It was just this perfect line right through the middle of the apple and it was just the weirdest thing.’

    Apple colors along with flavors are ofcourse dependant on the tree they come from. However the tree isn’t the only contributing factor, as light or darkness also plays key roles in the intensity of differing hues.

    In the case of the green and red apple, it may just be a simple mutation. Nevertheless, it’s still exceptionally rare. According to Bob Magnus, who is a former apple growing specialist, he’s never seen one like this.