American Woman Decides to Auction Off Her Virginity

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27-year-old Elizabeth Raine has decided to auction off her virginity.

Auctioning off one's virginity seems to be becoming a trend. 27-year-old Elizabeth Raine has decided to auction off hers.

Bidding starts on April 1st but the price certainly isn’t cheap. Raine is asking for the bids to start at over 400 thousand dollars.

Raine has both a website and blog set up to detail her decision to sell her virginity. She says the move has nothing to do with financial pressure.

Instead Raine insists that she sees it as a financial opportunity as a way to subtly improve her lifestyle. She also claims a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

Raine noted 'What makes my virginity auction truly distinctive is that I am exceptionally well educated, financially independent, and entirely willing to lose my virginity in this manner.’

In the photos, Raine wears tiny lingerie to show off her body but masks her face in an effort to hide her identity. The blonde medical student has gone to great lengths, however, to describe herself to potential bidders.

She reportedly stands 5 feet 10 inches tall, weights 130 pounds and has green eyes. For those who are super precise about their lady’s dimensions, Raine lists them as 34A-26-36.

Raine is working with an Australian agent to auction her virginity given that prostitution is against the law in the US.