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    Feet of Flames - Michael Flatley(Hyde Park,1998,London,England)cd1

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    Feet of Flames:Hyde Park;
    Feet of Flames was created in 1998 by dancer Michael Flatley, made famous by Riverdance. First created for Flatley's last show as the "Lord of the Dance", the show was a one-off performance in London's Hyde Park on 25 July 1998, playing to approximately 25,000 people. The show itself closely resembles its predecessor, Lord of the Dance. However Feet of Flames merges troupes, adds new numbers, and a new stage with multi-level tiers for the dancers for the finale. Amongst the new numbers is Flatley's solo — "Feet of Flames", which the show is based around. The show introduced some of the key elements that are now featured when Flatley performs. His silver-heeled shoes made by Freed's of London were used for the first time in this show. TV screens on both sides of the stage were also installed and now used in all the shows that feature Flatley. Film of the Hyde Park show was later distributed on VHS and DVD.