Students in Taiwan storm the legislature to demand change

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More than 300 brave Taiwanese students stormed Taiwan's parliament in Taipei on Tuesday night to protest the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (海峽兩岸服務貿易協議) that President Ma is trying to ram through without the consent of the Taiwanese people.

The college students burst into the legislative chamber around 9pm and shortly after midnight repulsed a police effort to evict them from the premises. More police goons have been called to the legislature. So far there have been no reported injuries or arrests in the confrontation.

These protest are a clear example that Taiwan is in no way a part of China. Can Chinese people storm their rubber stamp legislature and protest freely? Hell no.

The trade agreement would allow Taiwanese and Chinese service sector companies to set up branches or shops in the other country. If the butt-kissing KMT allow the trade agreement to go through, which they most surely will, then China will be able to invest in 64 industries in Taiwan, including advertising, cinema, retail, printing and telecommunication.

So basically, the KMT is helping China by allowing Taiwan to be economically integrated into the world's most corrupt country. Many in the KMT are keen to ram the pact through because they will directly benefit. Meaning, the corrupt KMT will get even richer off of ill gotten gains.

Luckily, Taiwanese people have no interest in becoming part of the world's worst country. The KMT will continue to ignore the voice of the Taiwanese people because they're dumb like that. The KMT still don't understand how a democracy functions and that will ultimately be their downfall. Let's hope that comes sooner rather than later.

As long as President Ma keeps taking it in the rear end from China and KMT legislators continue to completely misunderstand how democracy works, maybe they should just let the students run things. Any objections?


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