'Fattest' Baby Rescued by Charity for Treatment

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An 8-month-old Colombian boy is dangerously obese. The child, named Santiago currently weighs more than 40 pounds.

Childhood obesity is proving to be quite the epidemic around the world. An 8-month-old Colombian boy proves how dire the problem can be.

The child, named Santiago currently weighs more than 40 pounds. To put his case into perspective, Santiago’s weight is well over twice as much as the average weight of babies in his age group.

Santiago has numerous rolls of fat that are preventing him from moving. The infant’s mother, Eunice Fandino has reached out for help to get her child back to a healthy weight.

Doctors have placed Santiago on a strict diet of fruits and vegetables. They also want to wean him off formula. Medical authorities hope the baby will lose about 17 pounds.

Santiago will also reportedly undergo a heart treatment, however it remains unclear what doctors plan to do. One obesity specialist commented ‘Three normal-sized Santiagos would fit in him because he weighs 46.3 pounds for an 8-month-old baby, and he should be weighing roughly 17 or 15 pounds.’

Santiago doesn’t have any medical problems contributing to his obesity, but instead, he has been severely overfed. The child’s mother is hoping the treatment will work and says she doesn’t ‘want him to continue like this.'