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    Meet the Father of 98 Children

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    by Geo Beats

    Ed Houben could well be one of the most fertile men on Earth.

    Ed Houben from the Netherlands could well be one of the most fertile men on Earth.

    To date, he’s fathered 98 children and has no plans of stopping as long as he’s physically able.

    His sperm donations are charitable, and women from all over seek him out for contributions.

    Yes, he inseminates them the old-fashioned way – no syringes, doctors, or freezers required.

    Ed didn’t always get personal with his recipients.

    For years he made regular deposits in a sperm bank, before the practice of anonymous donations was outlawed in many European countries including his.

    Since then, he’s offered his services to women who are single, with same-sex partners, or have had problems conceiving with their heterosexual mates.

    One couple he assisted had been trying to have a child for 10 years.

    4 visits from Ed later, and they were soon expecting their first child.

    They were so over joyed, they returned for a repeat performance.

    To prevent potential inbreeding, Houben keeps a record of the children he’s fathered.

    He also makes himself available to meet the children, if that’s the parents’ wish.

    Over the years, he says he’s developed quite a Father’s Day mug collection.