Clara e Marina 27 (Subtitle English)

Clara e Marina
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Tradução: Mariana Lima

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awesome. thank you.
Por Annika Ka Há 2 semanas
I know there is no Clara/Marina interaction in this episode so if there isn't going to be english subs can someone just give a quick little summary of what was said during the Cadu/Clara scenes? No need for a "word for word" translation but a summary in a comment would be very much appreciate it. Thanks to all the Clarina saints making this storyline available to us.
Por Roni em Março
Could someone please translate this scene? Thanks
Por Doreenmacedon em Março
Clara says she also had an empathy for her right away and assumed to be confused about their feelings . However , Marina is much more direct . "I'm speaking for both of us . ... I can not I can no longer live with the presence of the absence of his love , Clara . For our sake , we need to move away . Want you to work here because I really think you a promise . But as a matter of my survival , ... I'm so ... say Te firing of my heart , "she says , leaving Clara totally unresponsive . Do not miss the scene, which is scheduled to air on Friday , March 21 .
Por Elyse Schub em Março
Finished ! Clara Marina gives up and says : ' I'm firing you from my heart ' Marina ( Taina Muller ) made a decision and it is most certain . The photographer opens the heart and tells Vanessa ( Maria Eduarda Carvalho ) that is not intended to suffer and , therefore, will give up the love of Clara ( Giovanna Antonelli ) . When the wizard comes to work she asks her friend sit and begins a difficult conversation . The photographer has to wonder how a housewife and says that the differences between them was what made the two get closer , like a magnet .
Por Elyse Schub em Março
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