What It's Like To Be A Girl With Small Boobs


by BuzzFeed

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I don't ever have to wear a bra. I love the "bra" spaghetti tank tops. And as for breastfeeding. Size really doesn't matter. Mine have worked perfectly for 2 children.
1:02 should read: "Large breasted girls make me fell inadequate".
By Rpgiv yrttsesht Last year
I was in my 20's during the sexual revolution. Dating during that time was fantastic because it was after the 50's when girls didn't "put out" and before AIDS. Any guy who wanted had more girls than he could handle. I have probably seen more boobs than most women and learned a few things that should make small breasted women feel better about their bodies.
One: Girls with small breasts had much more sensitive nipples. Large boobed women didn't seem to have sensitive nipples at all in comparison. Playing with and sucking the nipples on a small breasted girl meant instant arousal and wetness for them.
Two: Although large breasted women were great to look at and fun to play with, they had to have support. You never saw a large breasted girl not wearing a bra, so if she was excited and had erect nipples, they were hidden. So many missed opportunities.
Three: Some girls with small assets consider enhancement. Don't do it. Men will know you have had surgery the moment they touch your breasts. Nothing is as soft as a natural boob, but once the implants are in, the breast becomes hard and unnatural. Also, due to the nipple being relocated during surgery, many women lose nipple sensitivity.
And four: This is for you. Girls with large breasts usually end up with back pain in later life and many seek breast reduction surgery. Or, they have the surgery because their boobs sag too much.
My wife of 32 years has DD sized breasts and now suffers from back pain. Granted, I love her assets, but hate to see her in so much pain.
In short, enjoy what you have and don't fall for the answer to that old question, "What does every woman want?". The answer? What another woman has. If you find a man who is so obsessed with breast size that it embarrasses you, pass him up. He is not worth spending a lifetime with because those big boobs are not going to stick out forever. One day, they will sag and he will be looking elsewhere for the "perfect" firm boobs.
By Bob Brink Last year
the end... oh please
By stsk7 Last year