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Thomas & The Breakdown Train - Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Magazine Story

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Based on the original story by the Rev. W. Awdry
Adapted for magazine by Andrew Brenner

Published in Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Issue No. 4
on December 12th, 1987 by Marvel Comics Ltd.
Read aloud by Dan5589

The Fat Controller comes to see Thomas and tells him that he can be a really useful engine, but only as long as he does not let the trucks tease him. Thomas works hard pushing and pulling the trucks about, when he sees a small coach and two big cranes in the yard which his driver calls "the breakdown train" and tells him that they can lift heavy things. One day, a goods train rushes through much too fast as he whistles for help. The engine is James, and his brake blocks were on fire as he tries to stop the trucks from pushing him to gain their speed, but it was no use and he disappears.

No sooner after, the alarm starts ringing which prompts that James is off the line and to bring the breakdown train urgently. Thomas couples up to them and off they went in a hurry to rescue poor James, who is now derailed in a field. His driver assures him that his wooden brakes were no good, as Thomas arrives to push the breakdown train alongside him. Next he pulls the unhurt trucks out of the way, which was a big job as he has to work hard all afternoon. Later they leaves the broken trucks and lifts James back on to the rails using two cranes, except he is unable to move by himself afterwards, so Thomas helps him back to the shed.

As they arrives back safely, the Fat Controller congratulates Thomas for his prompt actions and being a really useful engine. He also tells him that James shall have some proper brakes and a fresh coat of paint, as well as rewards Thomas to a branch line of his very own. Now Thomas is as happy as can be, as he has his very own branch line to run backwards and forwards all day with Annie and Clarabel. Edward and Henry stops by and often tells Thomas the news, and even when Gordon whistles "Poop poop" as he is in a hurry, Thomas whistles back happily.

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