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    Asiana pilot set the engines to idle before crash

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    Originally published on December 12, 2013

    The pilots of the Asiana aircraft that crashed in San Francisco on July 6 were confused about the plane's automated control system and set the engines to remain idle before the crash.

    The throttle levers in the Boeing aircrafts are designed to move when the automatic system manipulates the engines. However, they will not move under the same mode as Airbus aircrafts.

    The captain Lee Kang Kuk was supposed to keep a hand on the throttle levers to feel them move, and he reportedly did so on and off. However, he was not alarmed by the lack of movement as he thought the auto-throttle would maintain a safe minimum speed with no signal.

    According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the pilots decided to add power to prevent the collision only 8.5 seconds after the initial speed warning. The plane lost lift as it was almost 65 kilometers per hour slower than its target speed.

    The plane was carrying 291 passengers and 16 crew members.Two passengers who were killed in the accident were 16-year-old girls from eastern China.


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