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    Al Qaeda Linked Militants arrested in Counter-terrorist operations in Tunisia


    by PressTV

    3 officers were seriously injured on Monday in Tunisia's Northwestern city of Jendouba as well as National Guard in the Central Sidi Bouzid governorate in counter-terrorist operations.
    At least 10 individuals were also arrested on Tuesday including 6 Al Qaeda linked militants who established a training camp in the coastal city of Monastir. The authorities announced that Operations will continue until more suspects are arrested The Interior Ministry has deployment special units across the nation to prevent terrorists who joined foreign backed militants in Syria from exporting the war into People hope to return to ordinary life without a permanent terror threat from insurgent groups like al-Qaeda. At the transitional stage in the history of Tunisia, people believe that the scourge of terrorism threatens political and social stability in the country. Experts say the government's proclaimed war on terror will last for decades before the eradication of the dangerous phenomenon.