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    How to draw a square - E. Duyckaerts

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    I'm not sure about that.
    Par M.A.HIl y a 5 ans
    Hello M. Duyckaerts, I’m the actual owner of the concept of square (since I’ve stolen it to M. Judd) . And I have to tell you that your lesson is fantastic, I understand all now; but may I tell that you have made a mistake, when you said that the angle mesure is 90° . If you talk to an english assistance, you have to notice that they don’t use the celsius degres, but the Fahrenheit degres. You know that :
    °F = (( 9 x °C ) / 5 ) + 32
    So 90°C is equal to 194 °F . I just want to do this precision to the assistance, M. Duyckaerts Have forgoten to translate the degres, when he said 90 ° you have to understand 194° .
    Par kvadrataIl y a 8 ans