Spectre - Oculus Rift Multiplayer Horror (Kickstarter Early Access)

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Spectre on Oculus Rift. Spectre is a Multiplayer Horror game.

BACK THE KICKSTARTER: http://bit.ly/SpectreKS
Steam Greenlight: http://bit.ly/SpectreGL

Spectre is a first-person horror game built for the Oculus Rift. Explore wonderous haunted locales. Discover riddles and secrets. Escape the wrath of the Spectre lurking in the shadows, or command the Spectre itself, and terrify your friends!

Facebook: http://bit.ly/SpectreFB
Twitter: http://bit.ly/SpectreTwitter
Vaecon - http://www.youtube.com/vaecon

In Spectre's multiplayer modes, up to four players are able to take the roles of Spectres and Seekers. Seekers can work together to equip themselves to attack the Spectre. The Spectre has its own arsenal of tricks it can use to deceive, disorient, and ultimately, lead the Seekers into its immobilizing clutches. The Spectre's abilities include creating traps that distort the Seekers' vision and movement, and creating false immobilized Seeker decoys that turn on Seekers when approached.

In Spectre's Single Player mode, you play as a lone Seeker, a wanderer lost inside an abandoned mansion. You'll soon discover that you are being stalked by the Spectre, a malevolent and elusive spirit and local resident of the mansion. Equipped with nothing but your headlight, all you can do is keep moving. Your ultimate goal is to explore the mansion and obtain a means of dispelling the looming Spectre permanently.

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