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    Sports Criminals: Sally McNeil


    by askmen

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    As we progress from heists and dog-fighting to cold-blooded murder, let's take a look at one of the scariest women to ever turn a shotgun on her husband -- former bodybuilder Sally McNeil.

    "Killer Sally" McNeil and her husband, pro bodybuilder Ray McNeil, made money by hosting bizarre Andy Kaufman-esque wrestling matches in their apartment between Sally and men who got off on violently grappling with a muscular woman. It's reported that most of their income went to steroids, which, judging by photos of Sally, sounds about right.

    One Valentine's Day night, while Ray was making dinner, Sally appeared in the doorway brandishing a shotgun and blasted him in the abdomen, and then again in the face. It seems that Killer Sally's 'roid rage had her convinced that Ray was being unfaithful since he'd come home late. Whether or not it's true, shooting a man while he's just trying to get some chicken in him carries a sentence of 19 years.

    McNeil later tried to paint her husband as an abuser and maintains that she did nothing wrong. She's now served 18 years of her sentence, so unless she commits any more crimes, she could be up for parole by spring 2015.