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    US slams Crimea rejoining Russia as "nothing more than a land grab"


    by PressTV

    The U-S vice president has described the rejoining of Crimea to Russia as land grab and a blatant violation of international law.

    Joe Biden-- who's on a visit to Poland-- says Russia violated international law and the West should be resolute against it. He warned moscow that it would face further sanctions by the U-S and the E-U if it continued with its current path. Biden called the Crimea referendum illegal, and said Moscow stood alone in its backing of the vote at the UN Security Council. Biden also said that Washington is pushing for a loan for Ukraine by the IMF in the face of their immediate needs and helping Kiev in planning the upcoming elections. The German chancellor has also followed the U-S in accusing Russia of land grab. British Foreign Secretary William Hague has also announced that the UK has suspended all military cooperation with Russia.