Regina Spektor - epk Begin To Hope

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You guys should check out Vedera. they have some really powerful stuff, especially if you love the female vocalists download Satisfy for free here
By Josef Myers 4 years ago
tory amos or regina ?! She seems to tory amos but she is younger... so...
By 1nelly1 6 years ago
Doesn't her camera operator know how to switch between indoor and outdoor light settings? Yikes...I've seen better footage from a 2.5 MgPx MPEG cam. Someone really should have explained the concept of iris settings and f-stops.

Regina is still the bomb, though. Her openness and infectious charm have yet to disappoint me, and her vocal creativity is a thing sorely missed from radio playlists these days.
By Carl-The-Gorn 6 years ago
I like REgina SPEKTor!!!!
By Xavier 7 years ago

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Regina Spektor - epk Begin To Hope