Bone Crusher - Never Scared (remix)


par lilmarcus

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Artist: Bone Crusher
Title: "Never Scraed Remix"
Featurings: Cam'Ron, Jadakiss & Busta Rythmes

Un pti classic du genre Crunk

27 commentaires

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Par flohmanfuxo il y a 5 ans
Par Th3KiNgTriiGaZ il y a 6 ans
Ask BOne Crusher He aint never scared, wife in the club ,Dead Head, with the blonde, and I dont listen to Blondie, cause I never made love to a blonde, Stupid Broad, tried to go blonde Im like You Fat, and not PHAT, so take a bath, before you wear Baby Phat, Like Queen Sheba coming to see me, to beg please, Im like trix please, Im G, with no G's How yall gone play me, SO if G's Up, know its gone me more than A lil Scrap, so if I do u Damned, If I don't ya whole family Damned, Im talking bout them Lesbians, Break My Leg, I take Threats Seriousouly, Si Noche, I was on Tara Blvd. Looking for that fat black girl, that threw water on yall at the Basketball Game, We very very Firm, Like a college working with the Devil's Law Firm, Im not the advocate, Im the magnet, Stick to family like cozumel on the Fridgerator, Paulina got that, but its not for sale, so if yall aint affilated, Im not Eminmem, So dont kiss my ass, Give me your last!!!
Par Rich Mundo il y a 6 ans
javé dja vu ce clip et busta mavé tellemen choké ke si jrevien chak foi le voir c pour entendre busta,il a tué tout lmonde la !!!!!!!!!! un genocide
Par cute-vip-access il y a 6 ans
stricly real good!!! never scare!!!!!!
Par bledsquad punisher il y a 7 ans
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