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    Greece to liberalize fixed system of book pricing


    by PressTV

    A fixed system of book pricing has long been in effect throughout Europe and beyond, in Germany since 1888 and for many decades in France, Spain, even Japan and South Korea.
    Greece will abolish and liberalize unified book pricing in favor of large franchises, department stores and supermarkets Politicians, including the leader of main opposition party SYRIZA, attend the meeting, with intellectuals, authors and artists who stand firm against this, emphasizing that watertight retail prices is the only contractual system between publishers and sellers that can protect them as well as authors who benefit from a fixed percentage. The Association of Greek Publishers & Booksellers is warning that abolishing this system will force the smaller retailers to closure and the large publishers to promote best-sellers against literature, poetry and scientific or educational contents. It will become difficult for writers to find a publisher and laws concerning copyright will also be negatively affected. The speakers say ditching fixed book retail will give rise to a counterproductive book price war but above will damage the long standing balance of interests between those who write them, sell them and read them.