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    Nigeria's National Conference kicks off


    by PressTV

    A national conference for charting a new course for the sociol economic and political development of Nigeria has opened in Abuja, the Nigerian capital. The event is expected to discuss a wide range of issues, like the sharing of oil resources, indigeneship that have affected Nigeria's development as a nation. Nigeria' President Goodluck Jonathan says the conference must be seen as an essential part of the process of building a more united, stronger, and progressive nation. The president asked participants to put the best interest of Nigeria before all other sectional or group interests. There are four hundred and ninety two delegates representing Nigeria's ethnic and religious groups attending the confab as some Nigerians are questioning its legality and relevance. Some Nigerians have also criticized the imbalance in the number of delegates representing Muslims and the north of Nigeria. The delegates have been restricted from discussing whether Nigeria should be divided. The conference is coming as Nigeria faces serious security challenges as hundreds of Nigerians have continued to be killed through ethnic and religious violence. The President said the challenges of 1956 are not the same with the challenges of 2014. Therefore as challenges evolve, Nigerians must be proactive and constant in the search for fresh solution. The president said it is not proper to proffer yesterday's solutions to today's challenges.