The Wonder Reels Season 2 The Hand Off - All shot on GoPro

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A crew in Whistler Blackcomb's Highest Level Nintendo Terrain Park come across a lost GoPro. They agree it needs to go to Lost & Found, but there's a perfect park session begging to be shot with it first.

100% shot on a GoPro HERO 3.

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Execuative Producer - Whistler Blackcomb
Produced by Switchback Entertainment and Origin Design & Communications
The Wonder Reels production was supported by TELUS Optik Local community TV; a compilation of all the episodes is available for free on demand to Optik TV subscribers. For more information on TELUS Optik Local go to:

Athletes: Nick Zichy, Duncan Mainland, Matt Belzile, Mack Jones, Max Morello, Rob Huele, Liam Casey, Nev Lapwood, Dane Deguyter, Liam Measure & Josh Stack

- Original music by Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls
'Devil ain't Talking'
Courtesy of Audiosocket

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