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    Anna Bachman falls to death from Sunset Cliffs in San Diego

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    A graduate student at the University of Illinois Chicago fell to her death while taking a photo at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego on Sunday.

    Anna Bachman, 24, was visiting her sister, Gail, 29, during her winter break. The sisters, who originally come from Cotati, in northern California, visited the scenic area around 5 p.m. Anna was posing for a photograph when she stepped back too close to the edge and the ground below her gave way. She fell 40-50 feet and is believed to have died instantly.

    Good samaritans at the scene attempted to administer first aid, however they, and rescue workers who arrived later were unable to save her. Psychological counseling services have been made available to Gail and others who witnessed the the fall.

    Bachman was pursuing a master's degree in urban planning in Chicago, after having completed her undergraduate education at UC Berkeley. Her sister, Gail, studied in San Diego and lived in the city's Ocean Beach community.

    Sunset Cliffs is a spot popular with tourists and wedding parties. Reports indicate that the area where Bachman fell was not roped off, but signs warning visitors of unstable conditions were posted.

    Police have concluded that the tragedy was an accident and there is no indication that alcohol was involved in the fall.

    In addition to her sister, Bachman is survived by her father, mother and stepfather.


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