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    Nudie photos, sexy chats not proof of adultery?

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    The wife of a doctor surnamed Ding from Kaohsiung, Taiwan recently found a series of photos her husband took of himself naked in bed with a nurse. She also discovered some filthy messages stored on her husband's MSN chat program, such as, "wish you are here so we can make out" and "having sex with you feels so good."

    In a fit of rage, the woman sued both her husband and the nurse for adultery. However, the prosecutor said he didn't have enough to make a case, because although there are naked pictures of the pair, that only showed they were being intimidate, not actually committing adultery. According to the prosecutor, conviction requires direct evidence showing that the two actually rubbed their sexy parts together.

    As for the flirtatious messages exchanged online, the prosecutor said the content simply wasn't enough to prove the two had sexual intercourse.

    So, even with all this damning evidence floating around, without a actual proof, such as a used condom, prosecutors said they couldn't make a case.


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